Hilgers Arrangements HfMW jdbs Wiener Staatsoper

Vaughan Williams from Frankfurt
Reviewed by: Colin Anderson

Walter Hilgers conducts Sea Songs and
Symphony No.5 and plays the solo part
in the Tuba Concerto, which Michael Luig
conducts. Hilgers (born 1959) was appoin-
ted principal tuba in the Düsseldorf Sym-
phony Orchestra in 1978, and then went
to the Hamburg State Philharmonic and
the Hamburg-based North German Radio
Symphony via ‘guest’ appointments with
that orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic.
Currently, from 2005, Hilgers plays with

the Vienna State Opera and Vienna Phil-
harmonic. He is also a soloist, a teacher,
and a conductor.
Hilgers leads a lively and idiomatic account
of the march, Sea Songs, and gives a vir-
tuoso one of the concerto, shapely and
deft, and with a committed orchestral back-
ing, very well balanced. If the orchestra
could be a little more fulsome (certainly
in the strings) and the recording a tad
more focussed, there is much to enjoy here.
The symphony is the thing, though.