Hilgers Arrangements HfMW jdbs Wiener Staatsoper


To hit the right tone in Schulhoff’s music
is no easy thing, striking a balance be-
tween Dadaist provocation, the suggest-
ion of eroticism, and the expressionistic
compositional demands of the music.
However, where others have more or
less failed, Walter Hilgers succeeds in
discreetly communicating the ideas of
the composer; indeed, he is even able
to present Schulhoff as an unequivocally
romantic composer (to quote Josef Bek’s
description of him) with a true sense of

beauty. Without exception, every inter-
pretation on this recording seethes with
the intensity of Schulhoff’s creative force,
and the superb ensemble Tritonus Wi-
mares plays with delicately neoclassical
Not only this, but the recording quality is
also of a high standard, integrating solo-
ists (in the Concerto Doppio), and even
Norico Kimura’s voice, with the orchestra,
as was no doubt Schulhoff’s intention.
One of the best Schulhoff-CDs I have
ever heard. ___RéF
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